Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Path of Life

The path of life
is ever changing...
It leads us where we are suppose to go.
I am at peace knowing that.
We have traveled the world,
but now it is time to settle in...
Into the countryside...
The old country house has become a haven of peace for me.
Even in the storm of Dementia.
My mother has been ill for sixteen years,
and has now come home to live out her days surrounded by family.
A sick mind can still be a caring mind...
A soulful mind...
A beautiful mind...
Dementia can be smiles,
in the mist of confusion...
Dementia can be kindness,
in the mist of agitation...
Dementia can be peaceful...
Surround the space with beauty...
Books, flowers, music, delicious healthy food...
It says in the Psalms,
"God has given us the power to reclaim calm
in times of adversity."
Exercise that power.
Don't give away your joy.
Joel Osteen
Today I choose peace and joy.
The windows are open...
The birds are singing,
and homemade vegetable soups simmers on the stove.
The ceiling fans slowly turn,
and the cello music drifts through the soft southern breeze.
It is all well with my soul.