Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blessings On This Mother's Day From the Country House

Mothers and Grandmothers are forever.
'Mother' is just another name for love.

Mothers are the bearers of tradition.

"I thank God for my mother and my grandmothers
who stood on the word of God
and lived with the spirit
of courage and grace."

Maya Angelou

A mother's love
is like no other love in the world.

It takes but one woman to make a home.

Remembering childhood visions...
My mother's smile.
My grandmother's porch.
Their love.
Their laughter.

As a mother,
teach your child to dream.

"Life is what we make it.
Always has been;
Always will be."

Grandma Moses

May your Mother's Day be filled with blessings.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Country House in Bloom

We have been so blessed to travel the world,
always work related,
and we are grateful and love the adventures,
but returning home to the country house
is truly one of the greatest blessings of all.
I love this old house in the countryside,
and miss it terribly when I'm away.
I love walking barefoot over the old wood floors,
ceiling fans slowly turning,
the smell of morning coffee,
and the singing birds.

Everything is so green from so much rain,
and the blooms are bursting with color.

Oh so pretty...
I love my south in the springtime.

Roses and English Dogwood

The smell is divine.
They make the most lovely arrangements...
A few roses and a crystal vase...
Oh so beautiful.
Simple and ever so elegant.

Today's thoughts from the country house...

"At the end of the day, 
the only questions I will ask myself are...
Did I love enough?
Did I laugh enough?
Did I make a difference?"

"Choose your words carefully,
wrap them in love,
and create a masterpiece 
in the hearts of people in your life."

And on a last note...
"One thing that doesn't go out of style...
Being fabulous!"

Isn't that great inspiration?!!
I love collecting wonderful and inspiring thoughts,
and words of wisdom...
And passing it onward 
out into the big great universe.