Monday, March 26, 2012


Dreaming of being here,
in this beautiful amphitheatre,
under a Colorado sunset,
listening to the soulful music of John Denver.
July 12, 2012
John Denver Tribute
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Can you imagine being in such an amazing place,
listening to such beautiful music
written from the soul?!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Candle Light, Flowers, and a Roasting Pan

I LOVE a bargin...
It looks really does!
It really looks real in candle light.
This beautiful painting should be named
"Spring Flowers"...
Thrift store in Colorado...
Well oh my gosh!!
Love at first sight!
Traveling Man spotted this beauty.
I do believe it has never been used.
Thrift store in Colorado...
Another 'love at first sight'...
Found during a treasure hunt.
Pretty little iron lantern,
you will always remind me of Colorado nights...
Candle light...
A delicious supper...
A glass of wine...
A good movie...
Wonderful treasures to take back to the country house.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Wild Wild West...

And what a view they have...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cozy Condo on a Windy Colorado Day

The March winds brought the first day of spring to Colorado...
Roaring like a lion...
Yes, 40 mile per hour winds...
It is COLD...32 tonight.
But all is warm and cozy inside our condo...
A nice fire,
and homemade soup cooking on the stove.
I am always intrigued by the beauty of nature.
Even on such a windy day.
It allows me to curl up with my old cashmere blanket,
by the fire,
with a good book,
and NO guilt over doing nothing...
Nothing at all, but reading and staying warm.

Monday, March 19, 2012

YinYang State of Mind...

I 'think' this is Sharon, (a master Taoist, teacher, and spiritual leader) somewhere in Asia,
but in my mind, the view, and the 'practice',
could be somewhere on a rocky mountain high...
No matter who...
No matter where...
So inspiring...
Do your yoga,
read the Bible,
seek wisdom,
seek health...
Christian Faith,
Zen...Call it what you may...
Just do it.
Connect to the higher universal power...
"It will take you places you never dreamed of"...Joel Osteen

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Rocky Mountain High St. Patrick's Day

On top of the world...
Yes, it felt that high...

Traveling Man taking in the view...
And that would be me standing on top of the world...
There was a sign at the top that read,
"Goodbye earth.
Hello sky."
It's a Loooong way down.
Yes, we walked OVER the gorge on a bridge.
I can say that today I faced my fear,
and I survived!
I'm glad I did, because look at the shot I got!
And the hike was a long one,
so we got some good exercise, too.

Would you like to go down there and get in a tiny rubber boat?
A St. Patrick's Day
that will never be forgotten.
What a wonderful time.
Thank you,
sweet Traveling Man.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

Friday Night Dinner And A Movie

We are really trying to eat healthy...
So tonight we are using mushrooms instead of beef.
Place in skillet with some olive oil...
Medium high to get it started.
Smoother in onions...or not.
We happen to love onions.
We've been married for 39 years,
so it's okay to eat onions for dinner.
Add a little more oil over onions...
Cook for 5 minutes or so, and turn.

Slightly brown onions,
and cover.
Cook on medium low for about twenty minutes.

Add some soy sauce...
I just sprinkle a little all over...
Cook another five or ten minutes,
turning mushrooms once again.

Remove from skillet to plate.
Cover in vegetable cheese.
We love a really cheesy burger,
so I added two slices to each mushroom.

Top with the onions.
Cheese will melt from the heat of the onions.
I used corn dusted, whole grain Kaiser rolls,
homemade mayonnaise,
and a few tomato slices on each bottom bun.
Sprinkle with sea salt.
The mushroom burger is SO delicious,
and very filling.
I actually like them better than beef.
Okay, so dinner is ready,
a glass of burgundy is served,
and it's time for the movie.
Traveling Man,
my sweet husband,
decided on "Ronin".
Of course it must be action packed
if Traveling Man is going to watch it.
Here we have a freelancing former US intelligence agent
trying to track down a mysterious package
that is wanted by both the Irish and the Russians.
He, Traveling Man, enjoys the frantic car chase...
And yet another thunderous car chase...
And another!
Thank goodness it was filmed in Europe...
Much of it in Paris.

So I enjoyed the European scenery,
and he enjoyed the action.
All in all, it was a good Friday night,
but WHAT was in the case/package?!?
I asked Traveling Man that question,
because I thought I missed an important part of the movie,
but he said, "no one knows."
What? Really?
This explains why I do not waste much time watching movies.
Have a blessed weekend, y'all.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Collecting Treasures From Far Away Places

I must admit,
I have more paintings than I can find wall space to hang them,
but we buy them anyway.
This painting is so true to the mountains of Colorado,
and its beauty. We had to have it.
The aspens in fall...
Golden leaves...
White bark...
We had to have it...
Snow capped mountains...
I just love the intense color in this one...
We had to have it...

And this one....
Its beauty takes my breath.
I so love it.
We had to have it.
Thank you, Traveling Man,
my sweet husband,
for finding these and buying them.
Treasures to take back home to the deep south,
and hang somewhere in the country house.
Always a reminder of a fabulous trip to Colorado.


Riding Off Into The Sunset...

And so it is,
that the Traveling Man,
my sweet husband,
the globe trotter,
was assigned to a project
way off out into the western sunset...
I packed a few bags, (haha)
(okay, I filled a big surburban with my bags),
and three dogs,
and off we drove...
And we drove...

And we drove....

And we drove some more...
And on the second day,
there in all of their glory,
before us in the distance,
lay the snow-capped Rocky Mountains...

As we approached our destination,
the sun dipped behind the Rockies...

And I felt blessed to lay my eyes upon such beauty...
I have passed this way before,
but each time,
I am in awe of God's creation.