Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Treasures

The Gypsy Junk Queen,
always on the hunt...
Looking, looking...
Looking for treasures.
Today I felt a 'calling'...
'Come to the lil' flea market'
I love that feeling of excitement as you arrive,
and get armed and ready.
Much like a fox hunt, I suppose.
And then you spot something!
A French style wire basket!!
It's mine.
A chunky silver bracelet laying among plastic beads!!
It's mine.
After the hunt, I bring it home,
sit it where I can see it,
and feel elated!
The only thing missing from the chunky silver bracelet is the safety chain.
One day in the future,
Sophia and Stella can serve tea from the pretty little tea set,
also a 'find' from today's hunt.
Sixteen pieces,
all perfect!
Bargin Blessings

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Language of Love...Puppy Love

Sugahbear (we're in the deep South and that's how we talk...*wink*)...
Big dreamy brown eyes...
Silky black curls...
The sweetest breath...
Kisses on the nose...
Be still my heart...

Winston, I am smitten with you!

Rambling thoughts from the country house...
Peace begins at home.
When I come from a place of inner peace,
I see peace around me.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday Stroll

Okay, sweet Stella Donna, come with Yaya...
Let's go for a Sunday stroll.

Such happiness in simple pleasures...
Family, grandangels, springtime walks.
Strolling along...

Look, Yaya!

What was that!?
Why it's a butterfly, my dear.
Sunshine and a butterfly on your shoulder.
We are so blessed with springtime blessings.

Two roses, lots of little rose buds,
a few jasmine blooms,
and one ladybug.

Celebrating spring.

Rambling thoughts from the country house...
Earth Wisdom...
"Speak to the earth,
and it shall teach thee."
The Book of Job 12.8

A Southern Sunday Afternoon

The sun beams down and kisses the earth...
The songbirds sing...
The azaleas burst into bloom,
and the jasmine and honeysuckle fill the air with the sweet scent of spring.
Our front porch of the country house has been cleaned,
the old floor planks, rocking chairs and columns have a fresh coat of paint.
How I love my South in the springtime.

Rambling thoughts from the country house...
Each of us have a wealth of knowledge and intuition to tap.
Time spent in quiet contemplation allows these
inner riches to emerge.
Sit in your front porch rocking chair,
or any peaceful place outside,
listen to the music of spring,
and allow your inner riches to shine.