Monday, August 24, 2009

Sail Away

I love the adventure of a trip.
The thrill of a new place.
Exploring quaint shops
and enjoying the local food.
Finding great treasures to take home
are the best of all!
The above oil painting is going to hang in our island cottage.
It will be perfect.

The boats are coming!
The boats are coming!
We love the island 'Sailboat Regatta'...
Once a year
our little bay in front of our cottage
comes alive with many sail boats.

Boats, Yaya....LOOK!

And one is leading the way!

Watching sailboats, looking for Hermit crabs...
Perfect bliss!

Who's taking the lead?!?

And so it is,
that I have found another treasure...
A treasure not found in our deep Southland,
but on another wonderful trip.
When I hang it on my wall,
I will always be reminded of our trip
to the mid-Atlantic seaboard,
the quaint little shops
and the wonderful crab cakes and creamy crab soup.
the painting also reminds me of wonderful summer days,
watching the boats sail into our own little bay.
I hope you find your own beautiful treasures...
Treasures that remind you of fabulous trips
and happy times.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Capturing The Beauty

And so they left the deep South
and drove,
and drove,
and drove all night...
Under the light of a full moon
they arrived on the mid-Atlantic seaboard.
And it is here
that this beautiful work of art was found.
Yet, another treasure in oil to hang on our wall,
and remind us of a beautiful place...
Another trip...
Another adventure...
Capturing the beauty
of a a painting...
To have has a reminder of something wonderful,