Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Old Country House

Please, sit a spell and have a cup of tea or coffee.....a glass of wine? "Oh yes, of course, dahlin'...a glass of wine would be lovely", she said.
Shall we open the French doors and let the warm Southern breeze fill the room? "Oh please do" she said...."I want to smell the Jasmine".

And dinner is served. A wonderful Chicken in white wine sauce with asparagus, a garden salad and homemade yeast rolls. Would you care for a glass of Chardonnay? Oh yes...Chaulk Hill please, dahlin'.

See the lovely oil painting? That was bought from a wonderful little gallery in New Port. It takes me away to a glorious place. I love it when a painting speaks to you and draws you in..."Stay awhile a dream of far away places," it seems to say.....maybe the South of France or Italy.

Vintage wicker, soft cushions, potted plants and sweet cats make the old front porch inviting.

This house, which once belonged to my grandparents, soothes my soul. It brings about the tranquility of a peaceful place in the country....far removed from the fray of city life. Ahh, the joys of this old country house.

Down the road I hear the hum of a tractor, a cow in a distant pasture and the buzz of a bumble bee. I feel blessed to be living in this peaceful, breeze-swept house in the country where generations of my family spun out their summers under the maple and oak trees.

Years of travel and collecting have created an eclectic mix of much loved pieces.

Food For Thought.

"What makes you different can make you beautiful".

Salt Air And Ocean Breeze

You can feel it. Spring is in the air and suddenly everything that is good in life is that much better.

Serenity Now

A small cottage on the Gulf coast...Soul soothing and delightful, like an old cashmere sweater. It's a smiling, happy house that speaks to you.....'come in and have a cup of tea or coffee...a glass of wine?'